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The Reach Club

This is a new monthly membership in the throws of creation just for you! 

REACH will be an exciting, safe place where you will be supported on your journey to REACH for more in your life.

More positivity, more happiness, more satisfaction to help you thrive, not survive! After all, you deserve it, right?

On signing up you will get your REACH journal to keep track of your progress throughout your journey (digital version available outside the UK)


Throughout the year there will be guest speakers, and trainings from professionals in the happiness and wellness space to enhance your REACH journey.


 There will be a monthly live call with me and other members of the REACH community to ask questions, gain support from others on their own REACH journey.

The story behind REACH...

I feel the best projects are those that are born from a real need! I have hopefully created something I feel I have needed for a long time and I am hoping if I have needed it, many of you are needing it too.

The REACH club is

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