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Summer Bradshaw MSc
Positive Psychology Practitioner & Coach

My previous professional background includes over 15 years working in theatre, radio and television production, making and filming programmes worldwide for the BBC, Sky, CH4, Five and many more digital channels. My love was always documentaries as they were the shows I formed great relationships with people and really gained an intimate insight into the daily workings of their lives and their relationships. I am a greatly passionate writer and speaker, with an inbuilt love of all things positive psychology and human needs.

I am a mum to two amazing boys, married to a Yacht Captain and we live in beautiful Devon, UK with our 3 cats. I have moved over 30 times in my life, including cities, counties and countries, so consider myself a packing and logistics expert!

I hold an MSc in Applied Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology with the University Of East London. Now on this new path of mine, I am excited to pull all my professional and personal life experience together into supporting individuals and groups to thrive using the power of both positive psychology and coaching.

I have lots of exciting future plans, connections and collaborations for Your Zen Life and can not wait to see it evolve over the coming years! 

What is a Positive Psychology Practitioner & Coach?

Positive Psychology is a scientific discipline and a positive psychology practitioner is someone qualified in this that can educate and facilitate others on topics related to well-being and flourishing. It is evidence-based and person-centered with many ways to bring it into our lives. I consider it my job ( and calling!) to translate what I know so it can be applied in the real world on a daily basis.

Individual wellbeing & coaching

As individuals, sometimes we just can't see the wood for the trees in our own life. 

Positive psychology coaching is very unique in that it focus’s on peoples strengths and the mental and physical resources that they already have. We look at what they can do to build on that and how to create change or increase their wellbeing.


Often, we are not completely happy but don't know why, or we are unsure how to make that first change to set us on a different path for a better, more fulfilled life. In other situations’ we know what we want to change but we want to have some support and clarity in how to do it.

I believe that everyone deserves to be truly happy and that they are absolutely in control of their life journey if they are given the correct tools to navigate it.

Groups and Team wellbeing

Currently, I am designing workshops and courses addressing how to use positive psychology in your business and workplace including the premise of 'positive leadership'.


Happy, emotionally intelligent, and communicative leaders, managers, and employees make for a much better working environment! In addition, this translates as better personal well-being therefore fewer sick days and higher productivity. A happy, well team really is everything. 

I am here to support all through change and to help you find ways to enhance happiness, wellbeing and life fulfillment.


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